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You are invited to attend the largest annual gastronomic event of Ukraine for chefs and restaurateurs, the second international Creative Chefs Summit, on 1 December 2017, at Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Centre. The unique format of the event brings world-famous and Ukrainian chefs together on the same stage and is aimed at developing the Ukrainian gastronomy


You will definitely be inspired to develop!




Opening Creative Chefs Summit

Diego Prado (Spain)

Fermentation Science Professor, The Basque Culinary Center

“Fermentation process and fermentation stages of different food groups”

Hasmik Gasparyan (Ukraine, Kyiv)

Brand chef of "Myastoria" restaurants

Dario Cecchini (Italy)

Eighth-generation butcher, Antica Macelleria Cecchini restaurant

“Slow cooking. Working on different cuts of meat and their usage in one dish”

Andrey Shmakov (Estonia)

TV personality, TV host on “MasterChef Junior”, brand chef of Мetropol’s SAVVA restaurant

Maris Jansons (Latvia)

Brand chef of “Biblioteka no.1” (Library no.1) restaurant, which is ranked second among 50 best restaurants of Latvia

“Root vegetables and by-products. Dishes that will change your menu”

Vladimir Yaroslavskiy (Ukraine, Kyiv)

Brand chef of Lucky restaurant

Kirill Yakushev (Italy)

Italian chef with Ukrainian roots. Brand chef and owner of Granocielo Pizza restaurant.

“Pizza and dough technique art with gourmet style in Ukrainian restaurants”

Sergey Kalinin (Ukraine, Kyiv)

Gastronomy observer at Forbes Ukraine, TV host on the STB channel, culinary expert and FMCG section and foodservice consultant

John Nocita (Italy)

Master chef and president of the Italian Culinary Institute, the international school of Italian cuisine

“Year-round freshness. Author’s view on frozen food”


13 world chefs on one stage with Ukrainian culinary experts. 800 specialists of the gastronomic industry. Advanced technologies and solutions for chefs.


Main area for up to 800 people. 20-meter LED-screen. Simultaneous interpreting. Networking sessions and speeches.


Communication with leading manufacturers of professional chef equipment and utensils. Farming exhibition from local manufacturers.
Diego Prado

Diego Prado


Fermentation Science Professor, The Basque Culinary Center.
Hasmik Gasparyan

Hasmik Gasparyan

Ukraine, Kyiv

Hasmik Gasparyan is a cooking expert and brand chef of Miastoriia restaurants. She owns the author's spice boutique. She has graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, a French culinary school. Asmik always mixes different colours, textures and tastes of spices to make dishes unique. Love to cooking is in her blood.
Dario Cecchini

Dario Cecchini


Dario Cecchini is a famous Italian eighth-generation butcher, a chef and owner of Antica Macelleria Cecchini (the butcher's) and three restaurants, Solociccia, Officina della bistecca and Dario doc, in Panzano In Chianti. The main idea propagated by the master of the Florentine steak is gratitude to and respect for animals that enable us to enjoy wonderful dishes.
Andrei Shmakov

Andrei Shmakov


Andrei Shmakov is a famous Estonian chef and holder of numerous cooking awards. He headed the army of cooks at Metropol in 2013, and he became the brand chef of Savva Restaurant in 2014. Andrei Shmakov has written books on haute cuisine and has been a jury member at international cooking competitions. He has also been a popular host of MasterChef. Junior, a cooking show.


Exclusive presentations of new dishes, exciting master classes, current trends and most successful cases from six astonishing chefs from all over the world in Ukraine.
Maris Jansons

Maris Jansons


Māris Jansons is a famous brand chef at Bibliotēka No1 restorāns in Riga. In his work, Jansons prefers applying European and Scandinavian cooking techniques. He is sure, “cooking is not only good ingredients, but also chefs great ideas.” Māris is a true experimentator who is not afraid to create daring dishes.
Vladimir Yaroslavskiy

Vladimir Yaroslavskiy

Ukraine, Kyiv

Vladimir Yaroslavskiy is a famous chef and brand chef of Goodwine store in Kyiv as well as a chef and manager at Lucky Restaurant Vinoteque. He was also a sous-chef at TV shows Hell Kitchen, At Daggers Drawn, War of the Worlds: Inspector vs Chef. Vladimir Yaroslavskii is one of TOP 25 Ukrainian Chefs according to FOCUS Magazine 2011. The famous chef believes that the key element of his work is quality of food and understanding of the product or process. Guests' appreciation is the greatest value it is worth working for.
Kirill Yakushev

Kirill Yakushev


Kirill Yakushev is a famous chef and owner of Granocielo, a pizza restaurant in Avezzano. He has sharpened his skills in hotel and restaurant kitchens all over Italy. In 2010, he won the Roman pizza championship in Italy. His numerous awards include two knives from Gambero Rosso. Kirill Yakushev's philosophy is to support local high-quality products, farmers and agriculture.
John Nocita

John Nocita


John Nocita is a world-famous chef and president of the Italian Culinary Institute, an international school of Italian cuisine. He has opened restaurants all over the world, and now he teachers others how to do that. John's philosophy is giving the person a starting point, a gold standard in a certain aspect of classic cuisine. Only then tools are given to keep developing further on this basis by means of innovations.
Sergey Kalinin

Sergey Kalinin

Ukraine, Kyiv

This famous Ukrainian chef with many years of experience has been a fan of cooking since his childhood. Having studied the fundamentals of professional cuisine and passed trainings in the best restaurants, Sergey started to write in his own blog, and then became a gastronomy column writer in Forbes Ukraine. The brand chef of Kalinin Gastronomy brand and culinary expert of STB channel also became a judge in Master Chef project. Sergey is also a brand ambassador of Polar Seafood Ukraine.



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