Elijah Syomin

Elijah Syomin

Elijah Syomin

Chef of restaurant Tin Tin

Ukraine, Kyiv


«What is a modern Asian restaurant and the main mechanisms of its development and functioning in Denmark and Ukraine»

A young talented chef.

Works  in the kitchen from the age of 23. For the first time he became a chef at 25.

He worked with Zhenya Mikhaylenko (Revolution Grill), Oleg Starun (Beef Meat and Wine), Alexander Jourz, Nicola Batavia (Reef), Fabbrica Drugetti & La Bouchee, Tin Tin.

Trained in the family bakeries of Bavaria and Slurp Ramen Joint (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Curator of the course "Fermentation" in "Culinary School Asia 1.0".

Elijah was a volunteer at Vild MAD and MAD 6, organized by Rene Redzepi.

Loves his family, skateboarding, bread on leaven, cookbooks and guitar.

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