Herve This

Herve This

Herve This

The father of molecular gastronomy


France, Paris


  • Physical chemist INRA
  • Consultant AgroParisTech
  • Director of the International Center of Molecular Gastronomy AgroParisTech-INRA
  • Director of the Foundation of Science and Food Culture,
  • Member of the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Alsace
  • Member of the Academy of Agriculture of France
  • Scientific adviser of the magazine «Science»
  • President of the Pedagogical Committee Hautes Etudes du Goût
«The end of the era of molecular cuisine. Note-by-Note Cooking as the next gastronomic trend»

Herve This is a chemist, he published his first article on molecular gastronomy in 1985. His main area of scientific research is molecular gastronomy, that is, the science of culinary phenomena (more precisely, the search for mechanisms of phenomena occurring during culinary transformations).

Herve This calls molecular gastronomy «cuisine by notes» and assimilates music to composing, and the ingredients to instruments: «On a synthesizer you can perform any music. From an artistic point of view, it's very interesting - to compose a new dish on notes.»

Thanks to his latest culinary innovations, the beloved French gastronomic scientist hopes to overcome the problem of hunger in the world.

With his new «By notes» system, Herve This claims that now nutrients can be extracted from fruits and vegetables to create a new feed system that will be cheap, transportable and healing.

He is a Head of food department at the French Academy of Agriculture and plans to overcome hunger without any new economic model of the world, but with the help of a culinary innovation in cooking, which he calls «NoteByNote».

Molecular cuisine transformed food into a series of individual textures, flavors and components that appear before us as foams, gels that are not immediately recognizable as food. This is an intellectual-culinary concept of art, which is in practice, for example, by Heston Blumenthal in the restaurant Fat Duck, as well as Rene Redzepi in the restaurant Noma.

«I work for the public. I do not like rich people. «NoteByNote» is a new art for the chefs, and this is important. But we also should not forget about humanity, it is important to feed it, not only a separate group of gourmets,» — says Herve This.

One of the reasons for the lack of food is its transportation, what we are actually transporting is water that destroys our food. Carrots basically consist of water. The same can be said about tomato, apple, eggplant and many other fruits and vegetables. If they are not kept in the refrigerator, which is also very expensive, then the environment will not favorably affect them, and moist nutrients provide an optimal environment for microorganisms.

This proposes to stop supplying «wet» products to different countries and continents, instead, it is necessary to break the products into their parts: separate their nutrients, flavors into powders and liquids that are resistant to storage, and can be used as ingredients. Many of the main ingredients of food have awkward names, but familiar tastes or smells.

Although This focuses on chemistry, he also attaches great importance to the emotional aspect of cooking, as the title of one of his books reads: «Cooking is love, art, technology.»



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