Igor Mezencev

Igor Mezencev

Igor Mezencev

Brand-chef of the family of restaurants Farsch



«What do mushrooms think?»

Brand-chef of the family of restaurants Farsch — burger chain consisting of 5 restaurants with a unique concept: Smooth for a leisurely dinner, Local for those who appreciate local products, Grill for fans of excellent steaks and two To go for those who can not live without burgers even a day.

Chef releases his gastronomic magazine, which reveals the strength of the product, new techniques of working with it, communication with the chef and the manufacturer.

Chef worked with different cuisines - from Japanese to burgers, kneaded the dough for pizza and surprised his guests with Ukrainian cuisine. The latter is what he wants to develop, to show it as a young, unique. Chef  likes to work with meat, especially with fowl. And the new favorite are mushrooms.

Organizer of CHEFS TABLE dinners with chefs and chief barmen. This is a table from the chief for everyone who wants to come, who is interested in something new and who is tired of cooking dumplings at home and in search of new tastes. Igor creates a show with star chefs, where they share their knowledge, reveal new tastes, combinations, demonstrate skills and abilities.

The chef holds One Day restaurant. This is a new project, a gourmet restaurant for one day for 6-10 guests with special menu, music, waiters and sommeliers in the format of a pop-up dinner.

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