Patrizia di Benedetto

Patrizia di Benedetto

Patrizia di Benedetto

Palermo (Italy)

Bye Bye Blues


* Michelin ( since 2010)

«Evolution of traditions which based on Mediterranean cuisine. New dishes at the junction of different cultures: Ukraine-Italy»

Patrizia’s journey started in 1991, when Patrizia di Bendetto and her beloved Antonio Barraco opened their first pub restaurant on the Tyrrhenian coast in a popular district of Mondello, Palermo.

Back then, Patrizia and Antonio, who married afterwards, already had experience in La Tavernetta pub, which became one of the most popular establishments in the city very soon.

Undoubtedly, among the reasons of their project’s success were Antonio’s experience which he gained on cruise liners and Patrizia’s culinary talent, who learned specifics of Sicilian cuisine from her parents just to hone her skills at numerous courses and internships both in Italy and abroad.

That’s how their next joint project was initiated. Regardless of its slight chances of success, they embarked on it without any hesitation and didn’t even change the unpopular signboard left from previous owners.

The result wasn’t slow in coming as, tired of ordinary life, Palermo locals met the idea with enormous enthusiasm.

Bye Bye Blues very soon collected numerous prestigious culinary awards and earned praise from the media.

In 1997, the restaurant won L‘Espressso award in the category Best bakery products in Italy and in 2010, was honoured with a Michelin Star that, according to the owners, serves only as a next step to perfection and a guarantee that Bye Bye Blues remains a favourite venue for the most demanding foodies.

Managed by Patrizia, Bye Bye Blues becomes the first restaurant in Palermo to be awarded a Michelin Star.

Patrizia is the only female Chef in Sicily who got this desirable award.

Patrizia is a big admirer of the past and traditional cuisine, however, it never impeded her creative energy and boundless imagination.

Also, Patrizia opened a restaurant in Brazil, Bahia region, as a new challenge to herself and the whole world. There she combines Mediterranean cuisine and local products.

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