Paulo Airaudo

Paulo Airaudo

Paulo Airaudo


Owner and chef of Amelia


  • 1* Michelin (c 2015 года)


«Author's handwriting of the chef. How to create own individual and unique style?»

Chef and owner of Amelia restaurant.

Chef Paulo Airaudo was born in Argentina in the family of Italian immigrants. Since he was 18, Paulo has worked all over the world, including Mexico, Peru and several European countries.

In Europe he gained experience in such legendary restaurants as Arzak (3* Michelin) in San-Sebastian, Fat Duck (3* Michelin) next to London and  Magnolia (1* Michelin) in Italy.

In May 2015, Paulo opened La Bottega, a modern prospective trattoria in a historic part of Geneve. Only 4 months later, in October 2015, the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin Star that is, undoubtedly, a great achievement.

Later on, Airaudo opened his first own restaurant Amelia in San-Sebastian, where his European adventure began. The restaurant was named after his daughter.

This year the Chef opens two new restaurants.

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