Ihor Lavreshyn

Ihor Lavreshyn

Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

Craftsman baker
Bread baking consultant

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“Traditional bakery in Ukraine. Techniques and technologies which are our heritage in modern bakery. Making bread with hand kneading and using stone millstones to make organic flour”

Ihor studied at NIPfood Nazionale Italiana Pizzaioli & Panificazione —Italy, Richemont Masterbaker Center for Excellence in Baking and Pastry DMCC — Switzerland.

He is the chef instructor NIPfood (Italy), the lecturer at the Culinary Academy of the Association of Chefs of Ukraine.

“Without knowing the past, it is impossible to look into the future” — this motto became motivation for Igor to move forward, he allows you to rethink simple truths and helps in creating complex recipes for good bread.

The baker’s mission is to revive artisan bakery in Ukraine, the family dynasties of bakers and grain growers, the crafts that our land has long been famous for.

Igor is preparing to publish the book “Approximation of Original Bread”.

At Creative Chefs Summit 2019 Ihor will cook:

  • Rye bread on kvass (this technology of making bread for more than 200 years).
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