Aleksey Shemenkov

Aleksey Shemenkov

Kyiv, Ukraine

Head Chef at BEEF meat & wine restaurant

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“All about meat. The best parts of carcass. From supplier to consumer. Ripening and storage of meat"

Aleksey has been working in the restaurant business for 15 years already, 8 of which as a chef.

He studied the basics of culinary in Odesa academy becoming a 4th level cook. He took an apprenticeship at the Basque Culinary Center (San Sebastián, Spain). Later – at the Italian Culinary Institute (Calabria, Italy) being mentored by the president of the Italian Chef Association John Nocita.

Aleksey is the chef at the Meaty, Masculine, Multinational Restaurant BEEF meat & wine. The main specialty of the restaurant is meat. It is cooked on a four-meter Parrilla grill and in a wood-burning stove. For steaks, Aleksey uses the marbled meat from the organic farm Creekstone Farms (Kansas, USA) followed by wines from a rich enoteca.

At Creative Chefs Summit 2019 Aleksey will cook:

  • Foie gras candy with dark chocolate;
  • Cod mousse with dried caviar and yolk;
  • Beef Wellington.
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