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Buster Turner

Buster Turner

Buster Turner is a founder of Rooftop Smokehouse in Barcelona

Topic: Successful culinary retail made by chefs. From start up to Michelin supplies

After moving from London - where he was a photographer - to Spain, in 2006, Buster attended the prestigious Hofmann Cooking school. This was followed by invaluable stints working at St Johns in London whose head chef Ferguson Henderson inspired with his simplicity and belief in utilizing whole animals, as well as Faviken in Sweden where head chef Magnus Nilsson imparted to him the importance of local, seasonal ingredients and how to make them last longer.

With this knowledge Buster is today focused on developing new products with Ferment, Pickles, Smoke through his company Rooftop Smokehouse. He currently supplies smoked goods to over 20 Michelin star restaurants and specialized delicatessens all over Spain.