Elina Boyko

Elina Boyko

Kyiv, Ukraine

Chocolatier and Technologist at El.f chocolate brand
Owner of Chocolate El.f chocolaterie

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Ukrainian Confectionery Championship 2019 prize-winner.

The world championship of handcrafted ice-cream «Gelato World Cup 2018» finalist.

She is a silver medal winner of the International culinary festival “Best Cook Fest 2015” in the “Chocolate sculpture” art-class.

The first Ukrainian Confectionery Championship “Biscotti Confectionery Chef 2015” participant.

Polish desserts festival “Expo Sweet 2016” participant.

She began her career as a Confectionery Chef at Doska home-bar (Kharkiv) in 2012 and that same year became the Brand Confectionery Chef of PROBKA resto&music hall restaurant (Kharkiv). Later on, she moved to Kyiv and worked for one year as a manufacturing manager and chocolatier-technologist in the Spell company.

In 2017-2018 worked as a manufacturing manager of the Ice-Studio Gelatry (Kyiv).

In 2018 Elina became the Brand Chef and Chocolatier-technologist of the El.f company opening her own same name chocolaterie in 2019.

She took apprenticeships in Switzerland and France and was mentored by world-famous master chocolatier Jean-Pascal Sérignat, confectioner-chocolatier Emmanuel Hamon, as well as by Patric Casula, Wielfried Hauwel, Pier Paolo Magni, Emanuele Di Biase, Albert Lorenzo.

She was trained by the world ice-cream champion Filippo Novelli and ice-cream master Ciro Fraddanno in Milan.

Elina is the author of three books about the art of confectionery: “Sweet Super-Roulades”, “Melting Pies and Muffins with Liquid Filling”, “Home-made Sweets and Eastern Sweets”. She also co-wrote the book “BISCOTTI and chefs”.

At Creative Chefs Summit 2019 Elina will cook classic dessert Sachertorte in different serves:

  • Cake;
  • Macaron;
  • Verrin;
  • Ice cream;
  • Candy.
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