Jean-Pascal Sérignat

Jean-Pascal Sérignat

Geneva, Switzerland

Pastry Chef
Chocolatier at Du Rhône Chocolatier

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“What needs to be done in order to introduce a classic recipe into fashion: change the look, add or remove notes of taste, change the shape, but leave the substance”

Jean-Pascal considers himself to be a creative personality who loves sharing the knowledge he has gained working in confectionery. The chocolatier is in love with his business and pays a great deal of attention to the technology of proper product processing. Jean-Pascal consults about adapting to any manufacturing conditions, as well as implementing new technology and extraordinary ingredients.

He started professional education in 1985 in St. Exupery College, after 2 years he entered CFA DE GROISY, receiving a pastry chef and chocolatier certificate there. In 1994, he entered CHAMBRE DES METIERS (Marseille, France), receiving a patent on the right to practice confectionery. Gaining education Jean-Pascal was simultaneously practicing in the world’s best confectioneries. Already since 1990 the chef was working as a Confectionery Chef of the entire FIDELE BERGER chain (Annecy, France). During that time he managed to have worked in the MAISON PIGNOL confectionery (Lyon, France), in PATISSERIE ALLEGRINI (Marseille, France) as a confectionery laboratory chef, in CHOCOLATERIE MORAND (La Clusaz, France) as a chef-chocolatier.

In 1995, he moved to Switzerland and became a chef-chocolatier in the CHOCOLATERIE JEAN-PAUL ZOGG confectionery, and later – in MARTEL (Geneva, Switzerland).

Currently Jean-Pascal has been working as DU RHÔNE CHOCOLATIER’s (Geneva, Switzerland) chef-chocolatier for more than 10 years. The company has been producing premium chocolate since 1875.

At Creative Chefs Summit 2019 Jean-Pascal will cook classic dessert Sachertorte in different serves:

  • Cake;
  • Macaron;
  • Verrin;
  • Ice cream;
  • Candy.
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