Philipp Inreiter

Philipp Inreiter

Philipp Inreiter

Denmark, Copenhagen

Co-owner and chef of restaurant Slurp Ramen Joint 


«What is a modern Asian restaurant and the main mechanisms of its development and functioning in Denmark and Ukraine»

Born in Austria, Phillip worked in different kitchens around the world. He started cooking since he was six.

The Chef is an expert in Japanese soups with noodles. Japanese cuisine and sensitivity meet Dutch design in a creative place, where high-quality noodles are coupled with simplicity of the traditional bar.

In his numerous interviews Phillip explains the way how people should eat their Ramen. Quickly. Preferably in less than 20 minutes. «After this time noodles start losing their taste qualities»,  — says Phillip.

This chef has adopted Tenrakai philosophy, that aims to improve each element (techniques, ingredients, quality) and ensure their harmonic cooperation in perfect in a sheer bliss that creates Karma.

The menu includes both local products and ingredients imported from Tokyo. Noodles are produced of flour from Japan and Bornholm. The only drawback is restaurant's size. Slurp is located in a tiny spot at Nansensgade, so there is very little free room and seats are taken immediately.

The Chef is now developing a new restaurant of the future.



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