Sebastian Olma

Sebastian Olma

Warsaw, Poland

Head Chef at Belvedere Restaurant
Top Chef TV-show winner

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“A comparative analysis of Polish gastronomy with European. How gastronomic travel affects the transformation of taste”

Sebastian has 15 years of experience of working as a chef and international culinary consultant, devising numerous fascinating à la carte menus for customers around the world.

In 2018, he became the first Polish chef to be invited to a cooking show at Le Cordon Bleu London.

Every year the chef builds up and manages an haute cuisine restaurant at Open’er music festival (Poland) — one of the biggest music festivals in Europe.

Sebastian devises menus for the largest national charity events as well as for such events as the annual Polish Vogue Gala.

The chef’s work bases on the French philosophy, he represents classic cuisine in its modern style revealing the simplicity and beauty of basic products.

He improved his cooking skills working at Gordon Ramsay’s and Tom Aikens’ restaurants. Working as a chef at prestigious restaurants Sebastian maintains high standards of service and impresses visitors with a peerless presentation of each dish he serves.

The chef creates dishes for official visits of foreign presidents and ministers of foreign affairs in Warsaw.

Sebastian believes that it’s not just about beautiful food and best ingredients, it’s also about the story a chef tells when cooking a dish that creates a truly sensual experience.

At Creative Chefs Summit 2019 Sebastian will cook:

  • Kohlrabi dumplings stuffed with smoked trout with herbal balsam, caviar, nasturtium and fennel;
  • Smoked salmon with oyster mayonnaise and elderberry gel.
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