Yaroslav Artiukh

Yaroslav Artiukh

Kyiv, Ukraine

Head Chef of the new Ukrainian cuisine Restaurant Kanapa

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“Features of the menu of the new Ukrainian cuisine Restaurant Kanapa in Kyiv and Warsaw. Combining regional dishes in a single menu. Dishes-calling cards. Dumplings vs Pies"

Yaroslav in his work combines authentic recipes, innovative culinary techniques and a huge number of local products from different regions of Ukraine. All the time working on the implementation of new, most daring ideas. Many times called one of the best young chefs in Ukraine.

Twice semifinalist S.Pellegrino Young Chef (2015, 2017). He represented Ukrainian gastronomy in Singapore at the World Gourmet Summit (after that, material on new Ukrainian cuisine was first published on the Michelin Guide website), he was the Guest Chef of the restaurants in London where made a week of Ukrainian cuisine.

At Creative Chefs Summit 2019 Yaroslav will cook:

  • Double dumplings with potatoes, mushrooms and forest mushroom powder;
  • Pickled beets with mint, hazelnuts and prunes.
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